August 29, 2020

Infidelity and Covid-19-Signs your Spouse may Be Cheating

Marital strife is on the rise. Many couples being forced to spend hours on end together in self-isolation during the pandemic are reaching their breaking point. Times are tense, and if they were issues in a couple’s relationship before the pandemic it only stands to reason that those problems will be highlighted in times of high stress such as these. It’s not a surprise that the divorce rate in China skyrocketed after the country’s stay at home order ended- one divorce lawyer in China reported a 25% increase to his case load- and it may be true here as well.

Partnerships during a Pandemic

Infidelity may rise after stay at home orders are lifted but what about now? Is it possible your partner is cheating while you’re in self-isolation? It’s possible a partner who was already being unfaithful is continuing the affair and it is more noticeable now that their behavior can be observed on a daily basis. Things you may not have noticed when your significant other went to work every day may now be suspicious- such as leaving the room with their phone, leaving the house for long periods of time without being able to be tracked down. What are some other signs that your partner is cheating? Read on to learn more.

How do I know if my spouse/partner is cheating?

There are many common signs a partner may be straying outside the relationship listed here, but how can someone cheat during a global pandemic when you’re spending all your time together? You might be surprised. That’s why we’ve listed some signs that your partner might be cheating during self-isolation below.

  1. Leaves the house for long periods of time

If your partner is gone for a while and returns with a short list of items from the grocery store it could be a sign of dishonesty. During the stay at home order and even as things slowly start to reopen, there are only so many places to go. If your partner never goes to the grocery store and is suddenly volunteering to go or returns after a long time with only a few items, there might be a problem. Though we all need time apart during self-isolation and quarantine, if your partner is always going for solo walks or drives it could also be a sign that something isn’t right, especially if they leave their phone at home.

After Covid

If your partner is unaccounted for and doesn’t answer his or her phone for long periods of time without explanation, or they aren’t where they said they would be, this could be a warning sign. If you ask where they were and they don’t tell you or offer a very detailed rehearsed explanation then it is a red flag.

  1. Change in Phone Behaviour

Many people’s smartphones are like a second appendage, they are lost without them. That said, in quarantine, there has to be times where your partner is charging their phone or leaves it to shower or go to the bathroom. If your significant other suddenly takes their phone with them to the bathroom and they didn’t before that could be a sign of cheating. If they hang up suddenly or disconnect a call when you walk in the room and it happens more than once it could also be a sign of infidelity. Texts constantly pinging at all hours without offered explanation might also be a warning, especially if you notice they are deleting them. If they don’t take their phone with them when leaving to get groceries or run an errand and they would have before this could also indicate that they don’t want to be contacted, traced, or interrupted.

After Covid

If your partner’s phone is turned off or they are suddenly unreachable and this isn’t their norm it could be a warning. If they take their phone everywhere (the bathroom) and didn’t before it also warrants suspicion.

  1. Working late

Working from home, it’s possible to witness your partner’s work habits first hand. If they used to have reasonable work hours and are now online after you’ve gone to bed citing work as the reason, it may be an indication that your partner is communicating with someone else and they don’t want you to know about it. Many involved in extra marital affairs choose not to break the stay at home order but continue to communicate online under the guise of work.

After Covid

If your partner stays at the office until all hours and it is a change from their normal routine, especially if they haven’t indicated a special project they are working on, it could be a sign of infidelity. Those who haven’t strayed before may react to the tension of the pandemic in unexpected ways, looking for a release outside of the home.

Why you Need the Truth

Sometimes it seems easier not to know if your partner is deceiving you to avoid change, or in case you’re wrong. It may be natural to want to avoid confronting a romantic partner with cheating allegations but your relationship may not be the only thing at risk. Always complicated, infidelity has even more consequences in the age of Covid-19. Affairs involve several layers of betrayal: breaking vows, deception and now the added possibility of health risks to a partner and their family. According to the Globe and Mail adulterers in existing affairs are risking more, breaking home isolation rules to carry on extramarital affairs in person. It seems that even with the lack of a good cover story-whittled down to grocery store trips, drives, or walks as reasons to leave the house, infidelity still continues.

Beyond Covid-19

Infidelity may seem like an impossibility with spouses glued together at home but with things opening up after a tense time and some people headed back to work or out of the house more often it may lead to opportunities for spouses to stray.

We’re here to help

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, it can be devastating. The possibility of accusing someone and being wrong is as worrying as the possibility of being right. Having undeniable evidence of an affair can at least give you the assurance you may need to confront your partner which may protect your health. If you partner is having unprotected sex you are already at risk for STI’s, but if your partner chooses to ignore the pandemic rules, they are putting your health at further risk. Our Infidelity Division team handles emotionally sensitive cases with the utmost respect and discretion conducting surveillance and uncovering the reason behind your partner’s suspicious behaviour.

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