Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Terms & Conditions are applicable to any services performed by Premiere Investigations requested by the Client, Client’s Attorney, Client’s Business(S) or any Client Representatives.

Premiere Investigations shall provide the following services to the Client in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of your Investigative Agreement: Services include, but are not limited to: Skip Tracing, Surveillance, Background Checks, Asset location, Pre-employment Checks, Corporate or Insurance Investigations, Process Serving, Spot Checks, Inquiries, Property Searches, Locates, Matrimonial Matters, Cyber or Social Media Monitoring, Spousal or Child Activity Checks and/or any General Investigative Services.

Premiere Investigations hereby agrees to provide such services to the client. The services will also include any other tasks, which the parties may agree on. Further terms of this agreement:

Assignment Form

Premiere Investigation requires a completed Assignment Form duly completed with all the required “Client Information” fields. An outline of the service requested is to be detailed for clear instruction of your investigative services task. Premiere Investigations will not be held responsible for any missing information. Client Information shall be completed in full (First Name, Surname, Address, City, Province, Postal Code, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, Driver’s License No. and Today’s Date. As a Client of Premiere Investigations, you are required to provide a copy of your Driver’s License with your Assignment & Payment Option Forms Submission. If you do not drive, we ask for a copy of your Ontario Photo Card or Passport. Subject Information should be completed with any/all information that you may have available to you in order to aid Premiere when we conduct our investigation.


Premiere Investigations will accept upfront payment in full to commence the investigation. We accept payment in the form of: Interact Email Transfer and/or Credit Card (No American Express)

Law Firms/Insurance Companies/Corporate/Finance Companies/Car Dealerships

New Clients are requested to complete and sign the Assignment and Payment Option Forms prior to any services conducted.

  • Long Term Existing Clients – We accept Cheques as form of payment.

Premiere Investigations will invoice upon the completion of each file via e-mail transmission. All payments, unless otherwise agreed upon, are due on receipt of our invoice. The customer may not withhold payment of any invoice or other amount due to Premiere Investigations by reason of any right of set-off or counterclaim which the customer may have or is alleged to have for any reason whatsoever.


Premiere will take into account cancellation requests for any services addressed in writing and received by our office during regular business hours, within a 48-hour period prior to the commencement of the scheduled surveillance. A cancelled scheduled surveillance will be subject to Premiere’s daily 5-hour minimum rate of $500 + applicable taxes (equivalent to $100.00/per hour). The 5-hour daily minimum is calculated on consecutive hours. Any cancellation requests received in writing within 0-24 hours before the commencement of the scheduled surveillance are Non-Refundable.

  • Surveillance – If cancelled, a cancellation fee in the amount of $565.00 ($500 +hst) will apply, which is our Agency’s daily 5-hour minimum booking fee (consecutive hours). Any difference pre-paid over and above our daily 5-hour rate will be refunded from the original payment received minus the $50 dollar Admin Fee for Credit Card Payments.
Any cancellation requests received in writing after payment is processed a cancellation fee applies as follows:
  • Locates – If cancelled, a cancellation fee of $452.00 ($400.00 + hst) will apply. The difference will be refunded from the original payment received minus the $50 dollar Admin Fee for Credit Card Payments.


For surveillance services rendered by Premiere Investigations, the Client will provide compensation (the “compensation”) to Premiere Investigations at a rate of $100.00 – $250.00 per hour (varies by service and location) (unless otherwise agreed upon), $1.25 per kilometre (unless otherwise agreed upon and as stated in writing) and our $150.00 Administration Fee (includes preliminary search’s, Administration Fees and report). Media editing is a separate fee charged at $100.00 for video less than 10 minutes in length anything above 10 minutes will be charged at $100.00/per hour. Our Agency has a 5-hour daily minimum booking rate (consecutive hours). These surveillance hours are consecutive.

Spot Check(s)

Spot checks will be charged the rate of surveillance $100/per hour and $1.25/for mileage kilometre. Spot check fees only apply to files for legal, insurance and business purposes, and do not take the place of surveillance. If we are completing a spot check and the subject leaves and you wish for surveillance to commence, surveillance rates will apply.

Loss of Visual Contact During Surveillance Investigation/Different Target

During surveillance our investigator’s work within the law while tailing/pursuing a subject. The client understands that if visual contact were lost due to traffic conditions and/or aggressive driving etc., billing continues to be calculated during our efforts to relocate the subject. Billing at that time will be charged until the end of the minimum daily requirement and/or if beyond those workday hours until instructed by you. On your billable hours (after daily minimum), the client will be notified and can decide on instructions moving forward. Should we not be able to get a hold of you, the investigator will use their best judgement. Often protocol would be an immediate canvas of the area, attend previously frequented locations and lastly, return to address and/or workplace dependant on case particulars. Additionally, our investigators while on surveillance will document the parties believed to be the subject. If for any reason the wrong subject was documented due to lack of information, physical ID or similar appearance surveillance hours still remain as the service of surveillance is still provided. We will always do our best to ensure the target we are on surveillance for is the correct individual.

Travel Time

Travel time starts from our office location. The travel time from our office to the subject’s residence or place of work, if no activity, is based on Google Maps or necessary routes. In addition, travel time varies while tailing subjects. If the subject travels a far distance on surveillance, the travel time and kilometre will be billed while on the file, and then again upon returning to the office.


Premiere will work and adhere to the specified Client budget. In circumstances wherein a case may go beyond the assigned budget, Premiere will contact you with any additional fees expected and won’t exceed the set amount. We will inform you of additional expenses and require authorization with respect to any additional expenses

Additional Investigators

Should the subject become suspicious of their surroundings during surveillance, driving reckless etc., we hold the right to utilize a secondary or more investigators, if two are already working the file, for the purpose of continuity and file success. This is an additional fee of $75.00 – $150.00 per hour per investigator, as well as $1.25 per kilometre fee per investigator. This fee will be charged more than the agreed price if this route is deemed necessary. In most cases Premiere will contact you immediately, however in some cases when the client cannot be contacted, we will make the decision best suited for the case.

Additional Research Time

Should additional research be required or added by the client, the additional services will be billed accordingly. In the event, research is needed for the success of an ongoing case our team will make the executive decision that is best for the case being completed. All Locate cases that apply for a Re-Run in searches based on an outdated residential address result will be presented to the client and additional fees will be discussed.

Suspicious Behaviour

Should we complete a research service for you (client or organization), and you are deemed unsafe for the subject or find out a peace bond, a no-contact order, restraining order or similar is in place, we will discontinue the search without a refund and will contact authorities, if deemed necessary.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Our team will utilize the utmost confidentiality and discretion while completing all our investigative services.

Turnaround Time

Though approximate dates for completion of investigative research are provided, we cannot guarantee that results will be given within that period due to the nature of the services. Should extended time be required, the client or organization will be informed.

Traffic Laws

Should the subject become suspicious of their surroundings during surveillance, driving reckless etc., we hold the right to utilize a secondary or more investigators, if two are already working the file, for the purpose of continuity and file success. This is an additional fee of $75.00 – $150.00 per hour per investigator, as well as $1.25 per kilometre fee per investigator (rate varies by province). This fee will be charged more than the agreed price if this route is deemed necessary. In most cases the agency will contact you immediately, however in some cases when the client cannot be contacted, we will make the decision best suited for the case.

Restraining Order, Stalking & Peace Bond

Should you have a no-contact order, peace bond, stalking charge or restraining order, you are required to notify Premiere Investigations before the commencement of services. We do not complete files or research for individuals who are not in compliance with the Provincial Laws or Terms of their Restrictions.

File Interruptions

While on surveillance, if a client (you or your organization) attends a file or case where our investigators are working, and conducts illegal, inappropriate or dangerous behaviour, we have the right to discontinue services.


Our investigators and research team will exhaust all efforts in order to complete the research request however, guaranteed results are not offered due to the nature of the services.

Court Appearances

Any court appearances, testimony, expert witness or deposition, is subject to a base fee rate of $150.00 per hour (six-hour minimum) plus out of pocket expenses, kilometre rate ($1.25 per kilometre per investigator or staff member). Court appearances apply to the present and future, which would be beyond the service and investigative dates.

Accommodation, Per Diem and Travel Expenses

Should the investigator (s) case require an accommodation, rental vehicle, flights or any unforeseen additional expenses the price of the travel expenses plus a 25% administration fee will apply. While out of town there is a daily per diem charge of $100.00 and any other expenses incurred will apply. These prices/fees will be discussed prior to the commencement of services and our investigators will always try and find the best deals on any expenses.


All research services are flat rate and require full payment upfront. The prices for research services vary from $500.00 to $2000.00 and up, depending on the case. The price will be outlined to the client prior to commencing the research services. Prices issued and outlined above are before tax.

Multimedia (Video Evidence)

Our investigators will obtain footage on surveillance as per the need for the file. If the file is an insurance- related file, all documentation that is relevant to the injury or limitation will be documented. With other cases such as child custody, domestic, infidelity etc. documentation of the subject completing an unlawful act, infidelity or other activity will be documented. In rare cases video cards, cameras or editing software can glitch and cause errors with video, loss of video or alter the date and time stamp this is beyond our control, Premiere will not be held liable for any video not produced due to technical errors.


Premiere Investigations works on a positive retainer and therefore intakes a minimum of $1,000.00 for surveillance services, and depending on the number of days, hours, kilometres, and the administration fee, plus taxes, the retainer request may vary. For continued services beyond the retainer, we work with a positive retainer unless otherwise stated, case per case basis at the discretion of Premiere Investigations. The general expenses on a file include but are not limited to, surveillance hourly fees, administration fee (s), multimedia fee (s) kilometre fees, parking, accommodation, additional investigators (if required), taxes, and incidental, un-foreseeable and out of pockets expenses. All credit card payments made are in agreement with our terms discussed upon receipt of your Assignment Form and Payment Option Forms and furthermore as outlined in our terms and conditions for payment in full of all services for the release of our reporting and any evidence obtained.


A guaranteed outcome for the Surveillance Services is not always achievable however, detailed reporting and video evidence of the licensed investigator’s findings can be made available. There are no refunds, exchanges or guarantees on investigative services, including but not limited to, surveillance. A guaranteed outcome for the purchase of a research service is also not achievable. However, detailed reporting of the licensed investigator’s findings can be made available in a report format. There are no refunds, exchanges or guarantees on investigative services, including but not limited to, research. Premiere Investigations will exhaust all efforts to complete a file appropriately and within the law, however, if a case has an outcome other than your expectation, we are not required to refund or exchange any money paid for the services rendered. Existing cases will not be refunded due to the unfortunate event of Covid-19. Any files that are disrupted due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled if needed. If a surveillance case is cancelled due to COVID-19 our 5-hour daily minimum cancellation rate will be applicable.

No Guarantee of Investigative Research

Although we have a very high success rate with investigative service cases, there are cases where new information is not attainable or only old address information surfaces. We never promise the type of searches that will be done as an example using government databases like CRA, Disability, Etc. Private Investigators do not legally have access to this information, and therefore the client needs to understand we have to operate within the law when obtaining information.

Omission of Information

Should a client withhold or purposefully omit and/or give false information, Premiere Investigations has the right to charge for research services to obtain the proper and legal information required for the file or case. In the scenario of a locate and or research case, it is important for the client to provide any/and all information he or she has pertaining to the subject(s) to avoid our investigators presenting the same information as a new development.


Under no circumstances will a client harass our staff, team members or investigators. If during communication with our team, you or your organization become angered, upset and violent, we will reserve the right to discontinue communications. Should harassment persist, we will contact our legal team and or the authorities and proceed with legal or criminal action if needed.

Illegal or Inappropriate Activity

Premiere completes a large variety of investigative services. We will at no point document illegal or inappropriate activity. If we see activity that is illegal or inappropriate, we not only have the right to discontinue the file. We can also call the appropriate authorities to report the incident and/or any incident documented or visualized.

Protection of Sources

Premiere Investigations has formal agreements in place that limit the use and disclosure of our third-party information databases. Our agency holds the right to maintain the anonymity of sourced information.

Rental Vehicle(s)

If the case the investigator (s) are working on requiring them to rent vehicles for the purpose of continuity, discretion and confidentially occur you will be notified, and the price of the rental vehicle, insurance, damage, etc. will be billed as per the billing from the rental companies with an additional 25% administration fee.

Other Vehicles

As each file varies and the location per file also varies, we exercise the right to rent a vehicle if need be, for the success of the file. For example, if the subject has a cottage, camp or residence on a lake, a boat would increase exposure to the subject’s above-mentioned property and increase file success. The same could apply as an advantage with the rental of a snowmobile, bicycle etc. Rentals will be discussed prior to commencing the case or during if need be. Should the use of an ATV, boat, motorcycle or snowmobile be required, the investigator may use our company vehicles for the daily fee starting at $500.00 per machine when available.

Privacy Act

Our team works within the laws surrounding the privacy act and does not access or hack private accounts.

Late Fee(s)

In the event that the client (you or your organization) does not comply or disputes the rates, amounts or payment dates provided in this agreement, a late payment penalty will be charged as follows: If the invoice is not paid within the time frame stated on the invoice or in agreements, the client (you or your organization) agrees to pay a late fee of $50.00 per day, per case basis, along with reimbursements of court fees, legal fees and/or collection fees. You will be given notice of this fee before the fee is applied. If we payment is not collected, we do begin the collections process. If we need additional information to provide to our collections team, we have the right to add additional surveillance or research services to obtain the information we need. We will always exhaust all efforts to avoid this.

Client Communication Beyond Free Consultation

We offer a free 15-minute consultation when services are engaged. In the event, a client calls repeatedly beyond that and engages in long conversations and additional fee for administrative work will be charged per phone call with an hourly rate of $100/per hour.

Invoice, Report and Video

Our team will send you an invoice for services rendered within 15 business days upon completion of services. Once services have been completed and when no outstanding balances are owed, is when video evidence and the final report are issued to the client (you or your organization). Remaining balances, if any, will be charged onto the credit card we received upon receipt of the assignment in the agreement of paying for service overages. Note, we hold the right to keep and not distribute video evidence or the final report, to all customers who have an outstanding balance. Video evidence and the final report can take approximately 15 business days to complete. Technical areas surrounding video – although data loss can happen, it is extremely rare. If for any reason, the video on your file is corrupt and or lost, we will not charge the multimedia fee. The fee of surveillance, however, remains as the service of surveillance is being conducted. If for any reason, this does happen, we will supply a letter of authenticity if required in a situation where video loss has occurred to aid in testifying the observations described in the reporting that the investigator had seen.

Rush Fee

Should you require immediate surveillance, a Rush Fee may apply to your file in order to complete within the given time frame. The additional fee will vary by the type of investigation, the number of investigators, distance travelled etc. This fee will be discussed with the client before services commence. A rush fee is considered on surveillance with less than 24-hour’s notice or a locate/skip trace to be completed within 2-3 business days.

Information Issued

Should a client abuse the information provided in our report, Premiere Investigations will not be held liable for any damages and/or injuries as a result.


Our agency is taking all precautions to keep our team and clients safe, therefore office visits will not be permitted. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. Rest assured existing cases will not be refunded due to the unfortunate event of Covid-19. Your patience is however required as Covid-19 could cause a lag in the return of our reporting, as staff and their family members are making arrangements to deal with school and other business shutdowns and curfews. At Premiere Investigations, we are doing our very best to make sure business continues to run smoothly, which has been successful thus far. As we cannot anticipate what is to come, our promise to all clients is that we will keep you up to date with file delays and our procedures. Any files that are disrupted due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled if needed. If a surveillance case is cancelled due to COVID-19 a 5-hour daily minimum cancellation rate will be applicable per each day cancelled.

Defamation & Breach of Contract

Premiere Investigations warns against the communication of a false statement that harms our agency’s reputation. What you say online will be used against you. In the event of defamation in an online review, however not limited to; or on any other platform, we hold the right to sue for damages because of false accusations that hurt our agency. Reviews may discuss your experience, however not your feelings based on report findings. A false statement of fact that hurts Premiere will not be protected by the right to free speech.

Premiere Investigations warns against a breach of the contract agreed to in our Terms and Conditions once an online assignment form has been received by our office. In order to prevent disparagement of our agency, Premiere holds the right to fine in the amount of $5,000.00 for disparaging comments – reviews. A court can find a reviewer guilty of defaming a business if they post factually incorrect accusations.


Premiere Investigations holds the right to update its Terms and Conditions without notice to evolve with the growth and development of our Agency’s business. It is imperative for Premiere to renew its Terms and Conditions regularly and in a timely manner to ensure it reflects current operational feasibility, business arrangements with its clients, and legislative and regulatory standards in place for investigative capabilities. Premiere Investigations provides in-depth coverage of its services and our capabilities to manage expectations for both the client and our agency. Premiere stands to remain compliant with law and regulation. It also offers protection against contractual risk and sets expectations between our agency and its clients thereby creating certainty. Such certainty secures a valuable working relationship with clients ensuring repeat business or referrals.