Cyber Research / OSINT Investigations

Cyber Research / OSINT Investigations

We employ a specialized team of investigators who are tasked with conducting internet research of today’s ever changing social medial sites and telephone applications. Our Cyber Research Department is highly skilled to scour the internet to dig deep into a person’s digital log of on-line activities.

Many Law Firms and Insurance Companies have shifted their onset of fraud and falsified injury claim investigations of individuals to on-line Cyber Media Research. We incorporate new age techniques to locate and track personal on-line profiles, capture photographic stills, videos or written data intelligence posted online after a date-of-loss. We can help to gather crucial information to assist in building a solid legal defence.
Our services are also extended to private individuals who have concerned suspicions about their spouse’s online activity or simply parents curious about their child’s use of the computer and their excessive time spent online.
Other services:

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Online Dating
  • Teenager Activity Checks
  • Hidden Profiles

Our dedicated investigators and analysts will locate, identify, track, and analyze a broad range of data and provide you with an investigation summary of our findings in a formal report.

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