Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Premiere Investigations has full division dedicated to Skip Tracing individuals. Our team of meticulous tracers can find hidden assets, locate a person, and trace a debtor anywhere in Canada for various Financial Institutions, Loan Companies and Dealerships. We work tirelessly to ensure you receive intel in recovering your security.

Debtors may hide assets when they’re ordered to be seized by a Court Appointed Bailiff or when they want to avoid financial obligations. Our investigators have diverse backgrounds in locate investigations and are trained in the latest technologies and modern methodologies. We never hesitate to plunge into extensive fieldwork to find your:

  • Cars,
  • SUV’s
  • Boats
  • Pleasure Crafts
  • Motors
  •  ATV’s
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles

We also offer our services of obtaining sources of GARNISHEE intel to ensure you recover any outstanding debts. Premiere delivers in finding your sold or hidden assets and obtain crucial information resulting in a successful restitution.

Our Locate Team understands that clients are faced with outdated data, falsified loan applications and purposely purported fraudulent information. We are committed to providing you factual information upon the completion of our investigation.

Our services for locate investigations expands the Private Sector and anyone looking to find asset identification pertaining to:

  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Estate Probate Cases
  • Property
  • Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposals

We are motivated to arm our business and private clients with factual results when entering into settlement negotiations or satisfying the judgement. Recognizing the time sensitivity issues of these types of investigations, our sophisticated technology allows us to provide quality report while exceeding industry standards. The reports are customized to each case we take on regardless of your budget.

Premiere believes our commitment to excellence and quality of verified information we provide sets us apart from other Private Investigation Firms within the Greater Toronto Area.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

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