April 23, 2024

Age Gap Relationships

Consenting adults come together for many reasons and don’t always think age is a factor but concerned children will always doubt the credibility of the other party.

Romance Scams are the most common and most costly of scams against the elderly. It is   natural to feel concerned when your elderly Father or Mother is in an online relationship or dating someone in real life with a significant age gap.

If you are struggling and feel your parent could be physically involved with someone that does not have good intentions and want to guard their financial protection, we suggest conducting a Background Investigation.

This service will include a Driver’s Check, Criminal Record Check, Employment, Social Media, Bankruptcy Inquiries, Asset Searches Lien Searches and Property Ownership.

Signs of a Controlling Younger Partner:

  • They don’t want their partner communicating with family members
  • They want access to bank accounts
  • They ask for trips, jewelry and credit cards
  • They ask to be added to the home title
  • They ask for will amendments

Signs of an On-Line Romance Scam:

  • They claim to be living or traveling outside Canada
  • They only communicate by text or email
  • They seem too good to be true
  • They profess their love quickly
  • They avoid meeting in person
  • They claim to have medical or financial emergencies and ask for money
  • They ask to be sent money wires or gift cards

Open communication with elderly parents is crucial to help them avoid falling victim to scams. Encourage them to share any concerns or suspicious activities with you without fear or embarrassment. Assure them that you’re there to support and protect them, and provide resources or assistance as needed. It’s important to create a safe and trusting environment where they feel comfortable seeking help when needed.

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