September 30, 2016

Teenager Activity Checks

For most parents, teenager activity checks are becoming more common.

When mom and dad make a habit of staying involved and keep informed with what their children are doing there becomes a certain expectation from their child. Not all children are book worms or the stay at home types.

September should mean back to school for most teenagers however, it also means skipping class for some. Parents need to “stay on top” of grades and social activities and check-in with their teens more often. They can reduce a teens’ risk of drug or alcohol use, pregnancy or criminal activities.

Knowing who your teens are with and where they go is where Premiere Investigations can help. Our team of investigators can place your teenager under discreet surveillance and monitor your child’s daily activities. We can identify problematic teens that your child may be spending time with.

Upon completing our surveillance, we will provide you with a detailed report to gain peace of mind as well as the video evidence you may need to intervene with your child.


A teens’ desire to be more independent can be the onset of breaking rules. Most parents feel they have an open and caring relationship with their child when they communicate daily via e-mail, texting or calling. We all would like to believe our children are where they say are.

When curfews are broken, phone calls end up in voicemail and grades slip, parental monitoring becomes critical.


  • Talk to your teen about rules
  • Get to know their friends
  • Set curfew expectations
  • Get to know your child’s boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Pay close attention mood swings and behavior changes
  • Monitor online computer usage
  • Ask about after school activities, sporting team participation and where your child hangs out
  • Set a weekly allowance or help them find a part-time job after school
  • Talk to your child about cigarette smoking
  • Talk to your child about teen pregnancy and birth control
  • Monitor grades and report cards

We suggest that always having an open door policy is essential to keeping the line of communication open. Staying involved in your teens’ life is crucial. Talk openly and listen to their concerns but set your expectations. Teens will be less likely to break rules when they will have to endure the consequences.

If your teen becomes distant, argumentative, moody, stops answering texts or calls, you may need to pay closer attention. If grades slip and your household starts receiving calls from the school that your child is absent, this maybe the onset of unhealthy teenage behaviors and beginning of an underlying problem.

Despite awareness, most parents are hindered for time as work, social events or younger children sometimes interfere. Let Premiere Investigations help. We can discuss the best day or times to discreetly investigate your child for optimal results.

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