September 16, 2020

What is Skip Tracing and How it Can Help You

Skip tracing is a technique used by private investigators to trace and locate people who have disappeared, whether intentionally, or not. Locating is a service that involves collecting as much information as possible about people who are missing, and then analyzing and verifying the intel in order to locate them. Skip tracing isn’t solely used by law firms to track down witnesses or suspects, it’s traditionally used to find lost loves or relatives however, it has become a useful tool used by Finance Companies to find the location of a debtor.

The average person may not think they need the services of a private investigator to find someone since the advent of Google, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem. We have the resources and training to track down difficult to find individuals in ways that may not be available to the average person. Read on to learn more about what skip tracing is used for and how it might benefit you.

What is Skip Tracing used for?

Skip tracing is used by law firms to find witnesses and suspects but when might the average person need to hire a private investigator for skip tracing? Read on for the answers to your questions about skip tracing.

I want to find a high school sweetheart can skip tracing help?

Yes. You’ve heard the stories of prom dates reuniting years later on Facebook and marrying, and yes it does happen, but believe it or not, not everyone is on social media. Those that are online may have changed their name since the last time you saw them, marrying, divorcing, or for privacy purposes. If you’re looking for a special person from your past, skip tracing can help.

Can skip tracing help me track down a relative?

Finding long lost relatives may not be as easy as signing up for 23 and me especially in the case of finding a birth parent, which can involve extensive time and research. Closed adoptions and locating birth fathers who may not be aware they fathered a child can be tricky to navigate. If you’re looking for a birth parent, skip tracing and our expert tracers can help.

Can skip tracing help me in finding my old tenant?

If you have a tenant that rented a unit in one of your buildings, bounced their rent cheques and moved out without you knowing, Premiere Investigations can help locate the individual.

Can skip tracing find my contractor who didn’t finish a job?

Contractors have earned a reputation for taking cash under the table and leaving town with the money, without finishing or sometimes even starting the project they were hired for. It’s for this reason we recommend having the proper documentation and paying a deposit by credit card so there is a record of the transaction. That way if your contractor starts a job and doesn’t complete it you have proof. Either way if you need help tracking down a shady contractor or someone that owes you money, call us.  If you’ve ever been cheated by a contractor learn more here.

Can skip tracing help me serve my ex papers?

Ever notice in the movies how someone runs up and interrupts someone having a massage or playing squash and serves them with divorce or legal papers?  Sometimes in the case of separation or court cases, an ex-spouse may move in order to avoid receipt of legal documents and obligatory court proceedings. Skip tracing can find that partner who is avoiding you, or that parent who isn’t paying their child support and serve them legal documents. Premiere Investigation Services handles process serving as well, taking the ultimate care with your legal documents and serving them.  If you need help recovering child support or other assets, consider using our asset recovery services.

Can skip tracing be used to find a beneficiary?

If your late Uncle Ted left his stamp collection to someone you’ve never heard of, skip tracing can help track them down. Sometimes loved ones leave things to people from their past that you may not know and aren’t sure how to find. Skip tracing can be used to find beneficiaries of a will to make sure you are fulfilling the last wishes of the deceased.

We’re here to help

If you need to find someone, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to recover assets from a client that hasn’t paid, or your tenant has left without paying their rent-if or you need to find someone for any reason contact us .