Premiere Investigations offers Locate and Skip Searching services to Law Firms, Corporations and Private Individuals. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds. Their keen investigative skills, honed over many years of experience and specialized techniques, empower our clients with quick results and solid intelligence.

Over the years, we have cultivated a deep reservoir of information resources giving us an edge during the course of a locate investigation. Our team is comprised of various investigative methodologies and access to a broad range of databases, many of which are not accessible to the general public.

With an exceptionally high success rate, we specialize in locating difficult to find individuals utilizing our modern age approach.

We can help with finding:
• Loved Ones
• Runaway Children
• Lost Relatives / Friends
• Witnesses
• Suspects
• Debtors
• Deadbeat Fathers/Mothers
• Estate Matters
• Vehicle Locates
• Title/Property Searches


If you’re living your life in constant worry and doubt, fearful that your spouse might be physically or emotionally cheating, you need to find out the truth and put your mind at ease. Even thinking that your spouse may be unfaithful is a stressful and painful thought. The best and safest way to find out if your husband or wife is cheating is to hire a private investigator to do the research for you.

Our team at Premiere Investigations is trained to handle sensitive infidelity cases with the utmost subtly, respect and discretion.

What Does An Infidelity Investigation Entail?

While we have many tools at our disposal to identify possible Infidelity, by far the most effective is covert surveillance. Our surveillance experts are experienced and focused on discreetly obtaining video and photographic evidence you need to make informed decisions.

What Should You Expect from an Infidelity Investigation?

Answers, certainty and solid evidence. You will now be armed with solid information and facts needed to take control of your situation.

Some common signs of a cheating spouse or partner are:

1. Changing Habits/ Extra Grooming

Your spouse is buying expensive clothes and paying particular attention to their hair, skin and makeup. It could be a mid-life crisis or a sign of boosting self-esteem but there may be another reason for this ``extra effort.`` If they returned from work every day for the past 10 years at 5 p.m., but recently they are pushing the arrival time to 9 p.m. or so. If they are working late, offer to bring him dinner, if they decline, look into the situation.

2. Leaving Early and Returning Late/Business Trips/ Holiday Absences

Unfaithful spouses may leave the house right after their shower, just to have breakfast with someone else. Is this another unexplained change in routine habits? They say they have a business trip but state it’s against company policy to bring you along. A cheating spouse will find reasons not to participate in family events or dinners. They may also stop attending the child’s sporting even or even stop spending time with the children altogether.

3. Excessive Overtime/Unexplained Expenditures

Their job and paycheck are the same but the workload seems to have doubled. They earn money but none of it seems to be deposited into your joint bank account. The ATM withdrawals and large purchases made can’t be explained. Affairs are costly.

4. Secretive Accounts/Hidden Bills and Letters

You both use to have an open-door policy concerning shared finances, but now your partner insists on handling it all and accuses you of snooping through their wallets or computer bags looking for bank statements. There are expenditures and phone numbers that your spouse will not want you to see, so they hide credit card and phone bills and re-direct bills to be sent to work instead of home. In some cases, spouses rent mailboxes to keep their privacy.

5. Scent of Another Woman/Buying Jewelry/Unexplained Items

He comes home from a long day of work appearing freshly showered, well-groomed and smelling of women’s perfume. Is your spouse is buying women's jewelry but you haven't seen any of it. You find various items in their car: cologne, hair spray, blankets, ticket stubs, hotel keys, greeting cards, lipstick, earrings and condom wrappers.

6. Hang-Ups & Text Messages

Has the number of hang-up telephone calls at your residence spiked? You observe an unusually high amount of text messaging and they always arrive late at night. A cheating spouse will keep their cellular close and always assign a password. In some cases, you may even find a secondary phone stored away in a private spot.

7. Health Club Membership/Less Sex

Your spouse become engrossed in physical appearance and suddenly joins a gym. They give you a guilt trip about becoming healthy but they never want you to tag along or purchase your own membership at the “same” gym. A distinct increase or decrease in intimacy and affection levels or sexual preferences may hint indicate infidelity.

8. Obvious Lies /Behavioural Changes/Hates Surprise Visits

Friends have seen your spouse at a bar with a companion of the other sex. You question where they were and they deflect a truthful answer. They become irritated when asked simple questions and easily provoked to start a fight. Arguments become more frequent after you ask about their day or where they’ve been. They stop providing free information about plans or errands. Does your spouse become angry when you show up unannounced their office? Maybe they don’t’ want you to meet any of the new male/female employees. Office affairs on the rise. Statically, most affairs start where your spouse spends 8-10 hours a day.


Divorce proceedings can be an emotionally challenging time when children are involved. Many parents have serious concerns about the fitness of the other parent and possibly the other people that their children are exposed to in their new environment. If you have fears for your of child’s wellbeing, or doubts about your ex-spouse’s financial claims, a Private Investigator can easily compile the facts and evidence needed in determining the character of your former partner.

Premiere Investigations can work in conjunction with your Family Law Lawyer or independently to gather the evidence you need during your child custody matter. Our team has the training and experience to gather the video evidence you need to support your case. Surveillance is a very useful Investigative service and tool since it provides intelligence and an overall picture of a person. Our surveillance investigations are conducted in a discreet and professional manner presented in a detailed report, supported with HD quality video and photographic images.

Whether you have an identified problem or merely suspicious circumstances, you will need a skilled investigator who can follow and document without being detected. Our team has the training and experience to gather the video evidence you need to support your case.

Other Services:
• Deadbeat Fathers/Mothers
• Caregiver/Nanny Background checks
• Future Spouse Background•
• Family/Domestic
• Cyber (Social Media Activity)
• Custody
• Process Services
• Youth Activity Watch

Process Serving and Court Filing

Our uniquely skilled team of Process Servers are why we are a leader in the industry.

We take pride in strategic delivery, serve your legal documents correctly and deliver outstanding results in record time.

Specializing in the most difficult and evasive process services, we also offer skip tracing of hard-to-locate individuals. Trust your documents with us! We understand just how critical timely and efficient serving is and believe that saving you money by reducing additional unnecessary fees should always be our priority.

Servicing the Greater Toronto area, we also extend our services Canada wide.

We also offer REAL TIME Tracking on the status of your document delivery.


We employ a specialized team of investigators who are tasked with conducting internet research of today’s ever changing social medial sites and telephone applications. Our Cyber Research team is highly skilled to scour the internet to dig deep into a person’s digital log of on-line activities.

Many Law Firms and Insurance Companies have shifted their onset of fraud and falsified injury claim investigations of individuals to on-line Cyber Media Research. We incorporate new age techniques to locate and track personal on-line profiles, capture photographic stills, videos or written data intelligence posted online after a date-of-loss. We can help to gather crucial information to assist in building a solid legal defence.

Our services are extended to private individuals who have concerned suspicions about their spouse’s online activity or simply parents curious about their child’s use of the computer and their excessive time spent online.

Other services:
• Cyber Bullying
• Online Dating
• Teenager Activity Checks
• Hidden Profiles

Private Investigation

Premiere Investigations is here to assist private individuals with discreet and professional investigations to gather the evidence you need to gain peace of mind.

Our private investigation agency is comprised of skilled and highly qualified experts in the field of investigation and research. Our private investigators are fully licensed and insured and we take pride in providing the highest quality of investigative services. Specializing in surveillance, criminal and civil investigations, we are dedicated to working diligently to uncover the facts to get you the answers you need to make informed decisions.

We understand the importance of discretion and pride ourselves in outperforming other firms in exceeding our client’s expectations. Whether through surveillance, technical observation or other services, our specially trained investigators know and understand the importance of precision and accuracy. By using sound judgment and incorporating state of the art technology, we will do what it takes to obtain the information you are seeking and get the results you need.

• Family/Domestic
• Infidelity/Cheating Spouses/Significant Other
• Child Custody
• Cyber (Social Media Activity)
• Divorce
• Missing Persons
• Asset Searches
• Process Services
• Skip Traces
• Youth Activity Watch
• Surveillance
• Debtors
• Caregiver/Nanny Background checks


With the ever changing trends and events that influence the Insurance Claim Investigation Industry, our team at Premiere is educated and informed in understanding our clients' needs while providing optimal results with the utmost discretion.

Premiere investigators are experienced to assist Legal Representatives, Insurance Adjusters and Corporations in reducing their exposure to fraudulent and exaggerated claims from personal injury.

Our sole mission is to get you the answers and results you need to help you detect, deter and defeat insurance fraud. We will plan and execute a surveillance investigation to collect unbiased evidence on your behalf and supply you with detailed updates, a comprehensive report and quality HD video results.

Our Services Include:
• WSIB - Workers’ Compensation Investigations Files
• Slip and Falls
• Activity Checks
• Long-term Disability claims
• Bodily Injury claims
• Auto claims
• General Liability claims


No matter the scope of your business, companies big and small are constantly exposed to a variety of potential risks and threats. Premiere offers pre-employment screening and due diligence on potential employees and/or business partners who attempt to cover up previous dismissals, criminal pasts or false credentials.

Exaggerated claims of misconduct or disability could have long term cost implications within the framework of a corporation. At some point, every employer will face the need to investigate one or more of its employees. The main objective of any workplace investigation is to detect and develop evidence to provide a factual basis for decisions to be made by management.

At Premiere, we are solution driven. Our staff will work diligently to reveal whether any misconduct has occurred, determine suspected theft or uncover any internal criminal activity. Our licensed private investigators have extensive law enforcement experience and understand the discreet and confidential nature of workplace investigation. We will do our due-diligence and can provide pre-employment screening, background checks or other services to assist in issues like employee theft investigations. With the appropriate workplace investigation, we can help you detect, deter, and defeat insurance fraud.


Protecting your Patent or Trademark can be challenging and complex for both an individual and business. Sophisticated counterfeiting and Internet marketing are expanding risks for Intellectual Property holders.

Our team at Premiere Investigations offers a broad range of Intellectual Property services ranging from industrial design, patents, trademark and copyright infringement. Deploying an investigator to thoroughly investigate an intellectual property matter is becoming more common. With the right comprehensive investigations and our specialized expertise, we search for threats, copycats and discrepancies to locate any potential competing products that could ultimately become problematic should a challenge arise.

We are here to protect you and your rights. In doing so, we help maintain the integrity of your product and increase its value.